Website maintenance

A website is never finished. It needs routine updates.

Our team will quickly and efficiently keep your website current and updated with new content, new images, whatever your website needs.

Website maintenance may be purchased by the hour, but when you subscribe to a maintenance plan, you get accelerated turn-around times and reduced maintenance pricing. Leave the updates to us, and concentrate on building your business! We also offer hosting plans for those that update their sites themselves.

Each package below is designed for both the size and the needs of your company. Only looking to maintain and perform small updates to your existing small website? The Basic package may be the best fit for you. Alternatively, if you’re looking for not only maintenance but also continued improvement and search engine optimization for your medium to large website, the Enhanced and Premium packages will be perfect.


Our services are broken down into one of two categories.

Maintenance Time


All maintenance plans include the following activities…


Ø  Text additions, content updates

Ø  Creation of forms

Ø  Creation of new pages (when layout remains the same)

Ø  Adding, deleting, changing links

Ø  Adding, deleting, changing meta tags as needed

Ø  Recommendations for higher search engine rankings

Ø  Email, fax, and phone tech- support during business hours

Ø  Extra maintenance time billed at MYR 250.00/hour when you are on a plan

Design Time


Web design activities are not covered under maintenance, and include:


Ø  Graphic editing/creation

Ø  Creation of new pages (when look differs from main design)

Ø  Installing plugins/scripts

Ø  Site makeover/redesign

Ø  Database creation/updating

Ø  Adding ecommerce

Ø  Social media graphics

Ø  Web design activities are available at the rate of MYR 300.00/hour.

About the author: Effie Sya