EDS (Effie Designs Solutions) team is made up of several key members, starting with a creative director, and including copywriters, editors, graphic designers and artists, and web developers, support team, and also our professional and experienced dedicated hosting team.

Look behind any creative success story and you’ll usually find a great team, EDS a group of passionate people who raised each other’s game. When thinking about productivity we often focus on the individual, yet it’s by optimizing teams that we can truly take our projects to the next level.

We ensure that every site is built with clean and efficient code to maximise performance. Using HTML5 and CSS3. We build responsive frameworks which is then integrated into a content management system.

On average, EDS teams use 30 different tools  between different platforms, programming languages and programming during our projects.



 Collaboration Partner :

sac-logo Professionals ERP System Engineer

– Danny Paler (Naga City,Philippines).

Professionals Graphic Designer